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    Hello, we are INK Design.
    We know firsthand what makes
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    What we do  
  • Branding

    Since 1986, we create world-class brand strategies and top of the line marketing services

    A company or product needs to have a unique identity that makes it truly different. To distinguish it from competitors, a set of communication and marketing methods need to be implemented; in other words, branding. Good branding improves customer recognition, creates trust, establishes a competitive marketing presence, attracts new customers and builds financial value. At INK Design we will help you distinguish your company or product from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers, with a wide range of services that include, but not limited to: logo design, corporate identity, print ads, brochure design, menu design, editions, packaging design, annual reports, web design, digital marketing.

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  • Logos

    We design distinctive and memorable logos that make an impact on your audience

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  • Corporate Identity

    We help you communicate your business philosophy and make a visual statement about yourself

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  • Ads

    We create attractive and innovative print ads that translate your brand's message and generate results

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  • Brochures

    We create eye-catching brochures that showcase your company services and products

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  • Editions

    We produce deluxe magazines, albums and limited editions on behalf of renowned premium brands

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  • Packaging

    We design unique awarded packaging that stands out from the competition, makes sales and creates impact

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  • Annual Reports

    We design and produce awarded annual reports for world-class companies

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  • Websites

    We establish your web presence with a high impact website or a sales driven storefront

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  • Digital Marketing

    We build a strategy that helps you get found, get liked and eventually get customers

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  • Case Studies

    Our case studies are a testament of our creativity, dedication and hard work

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