The term Quality within the company means that the DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION OF INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR PRINT AND DIGITAL BUSINESS COMMUNICATION AND ADVERTISING, as well as PRE-PRINT PROCESSES, fully meet the needs of clients, as they have been set in accordance with agreed specifications and the company’s own specifications.

The Administration is COMMITTED to the Quality Policy, which it COMMUNICATES to the company’s human resources. The Administration ensures this commitment by cultivating the spirit of total and collective effort across the human resources of the company and by providing all the necessary means for everyone to adhere to the Quality Policy and to promote every action that continually promotes and improves quality.

The Quality Policy, the objective and feasible quality objectives, the quality measuring indicators and, in general, the continued adequacy, efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management System (QMS) are reviewed at least once per year, in accordance with the documented processes D13 «Review of the QMS by the Administration» and D11 «Measurements and Continuous Improvement».

In the context of this Quality Policy, the Administration has set Quality objectives as described below:

  • Compliance with and Implementation of the QMS
  • Evaluation of the conclusions and judgments of previous reviews
  • Human Resource Exploitation and Development
  • Continuous upgrade of equipment and facilities
  • Company awareness about issues of environmental and social responsibility
  • Improvement of the relationship with the company’s suppliers – partners – subcontractors and of their satisfaction
  • Sales increase
  • Company’s self-promotion
  • Improvement of the quality of products and services provided
  • Creativity – Brainstorming
  • Continuous improvement of the organizing and operation of the company according to the QMS, and effective implementation and efficiency of it
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, the company operates under the following principles:

  • The Administration is committed to the compliance with and implementation of legislative and regulatory requirements (National and European).
  • The Administration works with approved suppliers and partners in order to deliver products according to client requirements, and aims to develop and establish long-term collaborations.
  • The Administration provides the human resources of the company with a pleasant work environment and good working conditions, and cultivates a climate of teamwork and collaboration.
  • The Man Administration agement is responsible for the implementation of education and training programs for the company’s human resources, so that they are always able to fulfill their tasks effectively.
  • The social and environmental policy of the company also aims at practical applications, such as recycling electronic equipment, batteries, ink cartridges, paper and use of energy-saving light bulbs.
  • The Administration focuses on ensuring the health and safety of employees.
  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his/her own work.
  • The Heads of Departments are responsible for the quality of work of employees in their departments.
  • All employees in the company are fully informed about the Quality Management System.
  • The company provides all necessary means (equipment, printed material, training, etc.) to achieve the quality objectives.
  • All actions that may affect quality are planned and implemented in accordance with the institutionalized Procedures and Processes of the Quality Management System.
  • All audit data is documented, analyzed and used appropriately in the context of an effort for continuous improvement.
  • For the Quality Management the company has the corresponding Management, staffed by a representative of the Administration. This Management has been appointed by the Administration and has authority and organizational independence to ensure that the company’s QMS operates and is maintained in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
  • Possible derogations are cause for immediate corrective and also preventive actions.

George Pizanis