M Mykonos Villas

The Story

M Mykonos Villas is an impressive complex consisting of four luxurious residences located in Agia Sofia, Mykonos, just a few minutes away from the vibrant capital of the island.

All four M Mykonos Villas exude an ambiance of unpretentious luxury, minimalist elegance and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Designed to provide maximum comfort, these splendid vacation homes in Mykonos feature stunning interiors and incredible outdoor spaces that evoke a soothing atmosphere and offer their guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Challenge

This project has been one of our most favorites since the beginning. It’s always exciting when you’re assigned to create a distinctive brand for a newborn business—whether it be a small company, a 5-star hotel or a state-of-the-art villa complex! So, what we did can be summarized as follows:

  • Naming
  • Logo design
  • Brand collateral
  • Print ad
  • Leaflet map
  • Signage
  • Photo shoot
  • Website
  • Digital marketing

To come up with a name we were based on the “simplicity is perfection” principle: “M” like “Mykonos”; nothing more, nothing less. Adhering to the same philosophy, we decided that the logo had to be as simple as possible but recognizable enough to stay in people’s memory forever. A refined-rust-like background gives that special look of metal that has been eroded by the Aegean Sea, while at the same time it evokes a feeling of timeless elegance.

Brand Collateral

To promote the identity of M Mykonos Villas, we designed and produced a full set of collateral. Letterheads, cards, envelopes, tissue boxes, keychains, directories and more materials were designed in a very consistent manner that reflects the personality of the brand, for anyone to instantly recognize it.

Print Ad & Leaflet Map

To increase brand awareness we created an eye-catching print ad that instantly takes readers into the heavenly world of M Mykonos Villas! We also designed and printed a useful leaflet map that provides information about Mykonos island and Mykonos Town in particular—beaches, gas stations, medical centers and more.

Environmental Design

Our many years of working with the local market of Mykonos have taught us a valuable lesson: even in this world-famous island it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for, as the streets have no names! You need something to lead you to your destination; something that will be easily seen and recognized from a distance. This is why we had to manufacture distinctive signs for each villa, but not just that; we also worked on pool safety signage and on informative signs to be placed at the parking area.

Photo Shoot

We believe that first impressions matter. Good photos act as brand ambassadors and help guests know what to expect. As we wanted to showcase not only the splendid spaces of M Mykonos Villas, but also the whole experience guests can enjoy during their accommodation, we decided to collaborate with a successful Instagram influencer; so we scheduled a photo shoot! For two consecutive days, our Mykonos-based photographer spent hours shooting everything—from the preparation of the hearty breakfast by a talented chef to the relaxing moments the guest spent by the pool—and provided us with great photos that can be used to promote the business.


We created a website that looks great on any device, is easy-to-use and clearly provides all necessary information about M Mykonos Villas. The navigation structure is as simple as it can get and the menu is visible only when the visitor wants to, thus leaving plenty of space for the main content to breathe and lead to a pleasant user experience. To inspire and tempt visitors to book a stay, we used a lot of photos that showcase every detail of the villas and their features, and call-to-action buttons in various places across the website. Finally, we implemented a blog which is constantly being updated with new and relevant content, to get more online visibility and drive traffic.

M Mykonos Villas Website

Digital Marketing

To build awareness we created company profiles on two of the biggest social channels: Facebook and Instagram. The next step was to make our presence felt; and so we did through advertising and through social content that spoke to a well-defined target audience. To reach out to potential customers, especially during the months in which the search volume for vacation rentals is high, we planned and implemented Google AdWords campaigns, which we constantly monitored and optimized to keep them on track in terms of expected performance.

Average Book Now Clicks

~150/per year

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