Santa Marina Resort & Villas

The Story

Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort is uniquely designed to offer an unparalleled experience of luxurious comfort. Overlooking the beautiful bay of Ornos in Mykonos, the long-established hotel offers panoramic sea views, privacy, first-class service and amenities that are second to none.

In summer 2017, Santa Marina introduced the Oasis Pool & Lounge and the impressive Ginkgo Spa. Along with the renowned Buddha-Bar Beach and the Colonial Pool Restaurant & Bar, these establishments truly epitomize the very essence of prestigious accommodation.

The Challenge

  • We were asked to refresh the logo of Santa Marina and design new logos for the Ginkgo Spa, Oasis Pool & Lounge, and Colonial Pool Restaurant & Bar.
  • In addition, we were assigned to design and produce food and drink menus for Buddha-Bar Beach, Colonial Pool Restaurant & Bar and Oasis Pool & Lounge as well as inspired brochures for the resort and the Gingko Spa.
  • Last but not least, we created a suite of collateral to support the brand, along with online and offline presentations.

The logo of Santa Marina needed a refresh in terms of simplifying it and making it clear and elegant. We used thinner lines to make the logo application more efficient, without it losing its character.

For the Ginkgo Spa logo, we drew inspiration from the beautiful gingko fan-shaped leaf. We also designed a very elegant logo for the Colonial Pool Restaurant & Bar that has a voice of its own, and a simple yet memorable logo for the Oasis Pool & Lounge.

Menus & Brochures

For the menus of Buddha-Bar Beach, we used a visually compelling color palette and added an artistic Buddha element to match the brand identity. The menus of Colonial Pool Restaurant & Bar had to reflect the prestige of the restaurant and the fine dining experience it offers. This is why we chose the finest materials and carefully handcrafted the impressive hard covers. Lighter color combinations were used for the menu of Oasis Pool & Lounge, to evoke the feelings of relaxation and calm that guests experience by the pool.

Brand Collateral

To promote the brand identity, we designed and produced a full set of collateral. Room directories, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, stickers, hangers and more materials were designed in a very consistent and recognizable manner, to catch the attention and make their mark.

Online & Offline Presentation

We designed and developed an online presentation of the astonishing resort. The website features an effective navigation design that makes it easy for the visitor to browse through the sections, whether he/she is visiting from a mobile device or a PC. A PDF was also created to be used as a portable/offline presentation.

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